Artisan Wood Carver

The artisan wood carver was born in the Rockies and fished the many rivers and lakes as a boy. He is currently living in Loveland, Colorado. Recently, he was joined by his two sons to fish the Madison River in the Big Montana's. Many ideas came from this experience and are displayed in his carvings.

About Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson has been carving for eight years and specializes in wood carved caricatures including Old-World Santa Claus', Cowboys, and fishermen. He has competed in carving club competitions and has won many ribbons. Ken's works have been displayed in Flyfishing Magazine. He is a member of the California Caricature Carvers Club, California Carvers Guild, and the National Carver Association.

Carve for Food

Bath Key?

Club = 380 Yards
Ball = 3 Yards